Outdeco Modular Decorative Privacy Panels

OUTDECO Decorative Modular Panels are the key to transforming the style and character of your outdoor or indoor environment. 

Whether it’s a decadent screen wall feature, a side wall for your patio or deck area, a grand entrance, a fence feature to fill the hole where the hedge died, or where the neighbors built that 2-storey extension, Outdeco Garden Screen™ project panels open up a multitude of DIY projects to you.

Garden Screen™ panel is pressed from 100% sustainably sourced hardwood timbers (in most cases the hardy gum tree). It’s manufactured in a carbon negative plant, sourcing from a geographic envelope local from the mill and using a conscientious mixture of sources including environmental felling and other sources that may otherwise be considered waste. Unique to fiber-boards, organic fiber makes up 97% of Garden Screen™ panel, and no synthetic glues or bindings are used.

As the original innovators of sustainable hardwood screening panels, in 2016 OUTDECO create revolution in their modular screen format, to release 2 NEW SIZE RANGES.

Expand the possibilities of the classic modular repeatable format, with 6 stunning new designs, you get greater design options and value for surface area and economies in installation.

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