Flexlines and Fittings

Shop our selection of Gas Fittings & Connectors for the best value available. Inspected, tested, and approved hardware for specialty appliances in the plumbing, heating and cooling, fireplace, BBQ, and refrigeration industry.

  • Gas Connectors/Gas Fittings
  • Gas Valves /Angle Stops
  • Brass and Stainless Fittings / Flare / Pipe
  • Propane Regulators / Specialty Stainless and Aluminum Tubes
  • Pipe / Black / Galvanized / Brass / Stainless
  • Appliance and Electrical Cords / Dryer / Range / Dishwasher / General Purpose
  • OEM Products for Gas and Water / Quick Connects / Log Lighter Valves / Burners



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